Other Cutting and Machining Services

Finishing your project right.

While waterjet cutting is our primary business, we also offer many other services related to cutting and machining. As a full-service waterjet company, we don’t just cut it and forget it. We want to make sure your project gets completed to your specifications.

Other services we are able to perform before or after waterjet processing to meet your project’s requirements include:

  • machining 
  • tapping 
  • reaming 
  • counter sinking 
  • drilling 
  • metal finishing 
  • CAD services
  • Artwork-to-vector conversion services (digitizing)

When you have highly specialized requirements, we may not be able to complete the job within our facility, but we have a full line of qualified vendors who can help. We have our quality-approved vendors to get these jobs done the right way:

  • plating
  • forming
  • polishing
  • ASME-certified welding
  • large plate machining
  • blanchard grinding
  • double disc grinding
  • heat treating
  • passivating
  • Military/Aerospace non-destructive inspections.

No matter what your project needs, we can help you find the solution. Contact us today for complete waterjet cutting service.