Serving our customers, serving our community.

As a successful business, we understand the importance of the community around us. We value our community and believe in giving back and protecting the environment.

We pride ourselves on getting involved with charitable events and fundraisers, and we help support our customers and employees, directly and indirectly, by donating to these charities. Our recent involvement includes Veteran organizations, Skills USA, ALS foundations, Special Olympics, local school and charity events, and many more.

We are also committed to protecting the environment. Compared to other cutting technologies, waterjet cutting can be closely compared to a green technology. We use non-toxic substances, and we don’t generate harmful airborne dust particles, smoke, fumes, or other contaminates. Our processes utilize only inert materials for cutting, water and sand (garnet). The water we do use can be recycled for repeated use as well as any unspent abrasive. All of this allows us to do our part to preserve the environment as well as the health of our employees and those around our facility.

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